flavoured steam stone

Flavors for Shisha Steam Stones

flavoured steam stone
The flavoured Shisha Steam Stones

Natural flavor

The natural flavors derive from plant raw materials, and some cases from animal body. They can be used in artificial flavorings in the form of raw or treated, modified form. However, they don’t contain artificial flavors or sintetic matter.

Nature-identical flavor

The natural flavors can be best characterized, as semi-managed aromas. They are modified flavor with synthesis or isolated by chemical reactions. They are very similar to natural flavorings. We can consume them, there are non-toxic, but this group does not contain artificial flavors.

Artifical Flavor

Mostly this group includes artificial flavors, that are chemically transformed. Professional moderate use, purpose of use has been proven in many walks of life.

The Molasses for Hookah

The molasses are a special blend, which we can used with both hookah tobacco and hookah steam stone. The composition can’t be determined accurately, because each company uses its specific and unique proportions. Molasses always contain glycerin, which influence the amount of smoke and the consistency of the molasses. Glycerin is a viscous, high viscosity material. If swallowed glycerin can cause diarrhea, but as hookah molasses, there are no side effects to the human body. It is decompositioning in water vapors, as effect to the hookah coal. Water vapor is the major component of hookah smoke.

unflavoured hookah stones

Use the natural flavors for the clean hookah feeling! Use shisha stones!